Field Archery is a sport of shooting arrows at targets which are set in the bush. It is a sport for the whole family, for any age. You do not have to be super fit, there is no running involved – just a leisurely walk around a 20 or 28 target course set in natural bushland.

The most popular games are ABA and 3D rounds, and International Field Archery Association (IFAA) 3D, Field, Hunter, Animal and Indoor rounds. Competition format varies with each game. Some targets are conventional circular targets, while others are cardboard drawings or 3D rubber shapes of feral animals.

Each target has a designated score zone. Scores are calculated from the amount of arrows shot and the target zones hit. In competition, archers compete in divisions based on their skill level, age group and the type of equipment being used. The age groupings are:

  • Cubs – under 13 years of age
  • Juniors – 13 years to 16 years
  • Adults – 17 years and over
  • Veteran – 55 years and over

Other games and fun shoots are often held, and may include D’Archery, V-shoots, speed shoots, and balloon shoots.

Bowhunting is the sport of hunting feral animals with bows and arrows. The Australian Bowhunters Association Inc (ABA) teaches safe and ethical bowhunting. To achieve this, each ABA club runs Bowhunting Proficiency Courses. A member must successfully pass the course and accuracy test before being permitted to go hunting. Bowhunting trips are usually arranged by members personally, either on government hunting reserves, on private property, or on commercial hunting properties/safaris

Equipment is varied and ranges from high tech compound bows to traditional longbows with timber arrows and feathered fletching. Each club has bows and arrows which can be borrowed by beginners. Accredited coaches are available to give advice on the various types of equipment available and where to shop, as well as how to safely use your archery equipment.

Each club has ABA qualified coaches who are available to assist new or experienced archers. There are scheduled beginners days or courses available at different times. Contact each club for details.